Sudesh Enterprises & Exporters

Leading Used Oil Supplier in Sri Lanka

Reg No: W81673

Managing Director

Mr. H. W. G. Sudesh

Mobile: (+94)715-306400

E mail:

We Are Direct Buyers of Ship Oils From Colombo Harbour And Distribute Them To Many Leading industries in the Sri Lanka, As Well as We Export Used Oil to several countries including india.
Our Stores are situated in the City of Peliyagoda with the Capacity of 150000 Liters of oil. Used Engine Oil, Used Ship Oil and Used Hydrolic Oil Are Majour Products Which We Provide.

Over 50 Employees Empovering SUDESH ENTERPRISES of the Sections of Loading, Purifing , Trasportation and Account Sections.
As a Enviromental Friendly Business We have taken nessary action to minimize polution and We Convert Waste Oil as input of sevaral Majour Industries.

Already Many Industries are using Used Oils to minimize there Cost.
We Invite You To Accompany With Us Buy Our Products For Your Industry.

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